By Mary Kachepa

The Zambia Revenue Authority-ZRA-  has collected 7.5 million Kwacha rental income tax during a two-year partnership with 33 local authorities.

ZRA Commissioner General, DINGANI BANDA says Local authorities managed to have 9,775 people register for rental income tax.

Mr BANDA says this was during the two-year contracts with Local Authorities that expired in January 2023.

Mr BANDA was speaking during the signing ceremony on the appointment of Local Authorities as tax collection agents in Lusaka.

So far ZRA has signed with 4 local authorities but will include all the other 29 Local authorities that were in the previous agreement which expired on January 31st , 2023.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU called on ZRA to provide financial literacy sensitization to Local Authorities and Constituency Development Fund beneficiaries.

Mr HAAMAUNDU said this in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry Director Planning and Information Dr NGOZA MUNTHALI.

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