Minister Mutati wrote….

Earlier today, I signed a Statutory Instrument that will reconstitute the composition of the ZICTA board and clearly define its role and that of the ZICTA Director General.

This reconstitution means the shape of the new ZICTA board will be different from the existing one and therefore, the existing one falls away as it has been dissolved.

With this new Statutory Instrument, instead of having eight (8) institutions sitting on the ZICTA board, it will be reduced to only four and while the minister was mandated to appoint one person, he will be able to appoint five (5) individuals to sit on the board based on their knowledge and experience.

The SI will be published in the government gazette and a new ZICTA board will be appointed in due course following the expansion of the institution’s mandate following the enactment of various pieces of legislation, including the cyber security and cyber crimes Act.

The mandate of ZICTA has also been expanded following following the new licensing framework designed to among other things drive investment in the ICT sector focusing on broadband connectivity and ensuring that internet penetration exceeds the current levels at 57 percent and also to make Zambia a digital hub.

I thank you all.

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