By Hannock Kasama

ZESCO has announced an ambitious plan to invest in alternative energy generation with the Solar Project that will cost 89 million dollars.

ZESCO Managing Director VICTOR MAPANI says the utility firm is also looking at nuclear and geo-thermal as other alternative sources of energy that it plans to implement.

Speaking at a press briefing in LUSAKA, Mr. MAPANI said investment in alternative sources of energy is among the objectives of ZESCO’s Strategic Plan from 2023 to 2032.

And Mr. MAPANI said ZESCO is doing everything possible to explore the Northern Circuit in a bid to enhance hydropower generation.

He said the Northern Circuit has the potential for hydropower generation due to its abundant rainfall pattern.

Mr. MAPANI added that ZESCO has settled 600-million dollars out of the 1.7-billion dollars owed to private power generators as of December 2021.

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