The Zambia Association of Manufacturers -ZAM- has asked power utility company, Zesco to state the magnitude of the anticipated power shortage the country is likely to experience.
In an interview with Phoenix News, ZAM President Ashu Sagar says this will allow the sector to adequately plan for the unfortunate development until the time generation will stabilize.
Mr. Sagar has however expressed hope that the anticipated reduced power generation will not result in long hours of load shedding as this will have adverse effects on the country’s prospects of producing more.
The ZAM President has advised Zesco to come up with a proper plan that will enable the manufacturing sector to also come up with mitigating measures.
Zesco has announced plans to reduce on electricity and the importation of the commodity from Mozambique as the country anticipates electricity shortages resulting from the El Niño weather phenomenon, which tends to bring hotter, dry weather to parts of Southern Africa and has the potential to negatively affect output from its hydropower plants.

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