The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency -ZAMMSA- has in two weeks distributed, 5400 health center kits out of the 7050 kits that were recently received from MissionPharma across the country.
From the initial batch of 983 health center kits that had compliant Erythromycin, ZAMMSA has distributed 756 kits to all towns in North-Western province except Zambezi and has further distributed full kits, with compliant Erythromycin, to Mafinga, Nakonde, Lupososhi, Chembe, Luano, Lumezi and Luangwa.
ZAMMSA Senior Manager Public Relations Bradley Chingobe, has emphasized that the erythromycin contained in the 756 health center kits distributed in these areas are safe to use and were found compliant by the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority -ZAMRA-.
Mr. Chingobe adds that the agency has also distributed 4,644 health center kits that do not contain erythromycin, with 57 commodities instead of the initial 58 because of the isolated non-compliant erythromycin which is quarantined at the ZAMMSA central warehouse.

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