Financial and Business Advisor Kingford Kalobi says Zambia’s decision to join the global forum on tax transparency will aid the country in combating tax evasion, improving fiscal accountability and driving economic growth.
In the proposed 2024 national budget, the government has proposed to join the global forum on tax transparency.
According to Mr. Kabobi, this move demonstrates Zambia’s commitment to international tax standards, fostering fair taxation practices and minimizing tax evasion through collaboration with countries worldwide.
In an interview with Phoenix News, Mr Kalobi is of the view that joining the global forum on tax transparency is a significant step as it will enhance Zambia’s ability to attract investments and promote a more transparent and accountable fiscal environment.
Mr. Kalobi also believes that this global platform will provide Zambia with access to technical assistance and valuable guidance, enabling the strengthening of Zambia’s tax administration systems and capacity building in tax matters.

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