Zambians, wake up from political somnambulism


[By Teza Mulwanda]

Our governance system leaves much to be desired.

Zambia’s political landscape should be reshaped to create a thriving political terrain that will accommodate every political player and concerned citizen to freely participate in the governance of this nation without being subjected to duress, undue influence or intimidation.

The legs of our governance system have been so fractured and crippled that they need to undergo an expeditious surgical operation to straighten them. Our national affairs should not be left in the hands of disgruntled and inept leaders who will further deform and disfigure our political and economic systems. Zambia needs leaders and not dealers!

One does not need a microscope to see how bad our economy and politics are. The economy is retrogressing faster than it is progressing. In retrospection, 2019 and 2020 in particular, have been challenging years, especially for the majority poverty-stricken citizens of this country. Blackouts characterised much of the year with load-shedding painfully hampering a lot of peoples’ businesses.

The exasperating, distressful and worrisome debt situation has had its excruciating sting on poor Zambians who are already living below the national poverty datum line, as debt servicing payments have enormously ballooned. Colossal sums of money meant for social protection programmes have been siphoned off to service debt as if poor Zambians were involved in the careless uncoordinated borrowing.

It is also appalling to note that spending on infrastructural projects has been crowding out spending on social protection programmes. There is a critical shortage of drugs in health centres, poor health facilities, shoddy health delivery and food shortages triggering an upsurge in the level of inflation. The kwacha has lamentably depreciated and the cost of living has obnoxiously skyrocketed. This is not the Zambia we dream for ourselves and posterity.

Besides, our judicial system has not been performing to the expected standard in dispensing law and justice. This is evidenced by duality in the administration of justice. Law and justice have not been equitably applied, hence disadvantaging the citizens, especially those emanating from the opposition.
Corruption under the current regime has become rampantly endemic and commonplace. It has become so cancerous that it has literally permeated every sector of our society. The anti-corruption commission has lost its real significance and one may rightly allege that it is becoming a moribund institution that cannot engender enough confidence and trust in the citizens in as far as fighting corruption is concerned.

Caderism in Zambia is undesirable and in its worst form. PF cadres in particular, are so opinionated and domineering that they can do things higgledy-piggledy with little or no restraint at all. They are hooligans and thugs who do not demonstrate political will to uphold our national values and principles. These psychopathic sadists are a menace to our society. They are shameless sycophants of their political master and they can dare to beat police officers. Ask Mr Jay Jay, akalondolola!
Democratic deficit in Zambia should be given all the condemnation it deserves. We have dictatormocracy, if not dictatorship, in Zambia. These and other forms of political poppycock are a vivid indication of a failed government.

I dare every Zambian to open their eyes to this reality. If leaders are not executing to citizens’ expectations, let’s dislodge them by a ballot and replace them with others who have demonstrated the capacity and political will to govern this nation. We should not allow our economy to be destroyed by a few egocentric politicians who are busy feathering their nests using all forms of shenanigans and political ploys to consolidate their hold on power. Everyone of us has the power and right to make rational decisions today.

Do not vote with your stomach in 2021. Remember, the stomach is a rascal, it does not appreciate how well you treated it yesterday. You will eat PF’s food and money today but hunger will catch up with you sooner than later. Do not sell your vote, Keep your Voter’s Card and National Registration Card in a safe place and use it to give PF a landslide victory and a shocking technical knockout! Vote HH and UPND.
It is not the time to grope in the darkness of gross political somnambulism. Wake up fellow citizen and vote wisely! Akuna kulala napapata! If you vote the PF back, do not complain about more painful economic fiasco and conundrums that they will engulf us in. PF failure is enough reason to dethrone President Edgar Lungu and enthrone Bally – president Hakainde Hichilema.
The author is media director of the opposition United Party for Prosperous Zambia.

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