Zambians urged to keep their culture

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Members of Parliament have urged Zambians to uphold the local culture.

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda says Zambia is a country of laws and diplomats should know the route to take when commenting on issues regarding national values.

Dr. Chanda has told ZNBC news in a walk-in interview that Zambia is a sovereign state and its principles are based on Christianity.

He said Zambia has NO place for homosexuality which is being advocated by US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote.

Meanwhile, Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Martin Malama said Zambians are hospitable and do NOT believe in violence as a way of sorting out differences.

Dr. Malama also called on the church to take a leading role in sensitizing Zambians about homosexuality and its effects.

And Lukashya Member of Parliament Mwenya Munkonge noted that it is impossible to trade values and principles in the name of aiding a developing nation.

Mr. MUNKONGE said diplomats need to respect the values of a nation they are accredited to, in order to be respected back.

And Lubanseshi Member of Parliament George Mwamba said the bible clearly does NOT support gay rights or same sex marriages.

Mr. Mwamba said it is impossible to marry values of homosexuality and Christianity in one country.

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