…describes the turnout of people in vaccination centres as impressive

Ministry of Health has expressed delight that Zambians have accepted the Covid-19 vaccine and are turning out in large numbers to be vaccinated.

Speaking after touring some Covid-19 vaccination centres in Lusaka, Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Technical Services Dr Kennedy Malama has since commended the people for turning out in numbers in order to be vaccinated.

Dr Malama also noted that more than 20,000 of AstraZeneca dose 1 and 2 has been administered in Lusaka alone.

“The only way to control the pandemic is through prevention, by being vaccinated and adhering to the five golden rules,” he said.

“When you adhere to the five golden rules while you are vaccinated, the chances of you getting severe form and dying from the pandemic is significantly reduced.

He also added that about 165, 000 Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines are expected in the country within this month.

And Dr Malama said the Ministry is cognizant of some challenges being faced in the vaccination centres.

He has since directed that Health personnel is increased at registration points in a quest to improve the process.

The Permanent Secretary further said that in the last 24 hours 39 people have succumbed to the disease.

Dr Malama explained that this is out of the 2,383 cases recorded of the 10,000 texts conducted.

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