By Sharon Kunda

Zambia and Japan have signed Memorandum of Understanding in the mining sector, particularly in the area of copper, Nickel and cobalt.

This includes conducting satellite mapping across Zambia by using Japan’s latest cutting-edge sensing satellite with the expertise of Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security.

Mines and Minerals Development Minister, PAUL KABUSWE signed on behalf of the Zambian Government while Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan YASUTOSHI NISHIMURA signed on behalf of that country.

Speaking during the signing ceremony held in Lusaka , Mr. KABUSWE said that the Zambian Government wants to ensure internationally acceptable mining practices and to curb illegal mining.

He said Government wants to ensure that there is promotion of integrity in the Mining sector and to move away from exporting raw materials so that the country realizes maximum benefits from the sector.

And Mr. NISHIMURA said there is need to develop concrete and mutually beneficial projects through a step-by-step approach.

He said cooperation should not only be in the development of mining projects but also in the development of Human Resources, infrastructure and supply chains necessary for mining projects.

The two Ministers agreed to hold an investment seminar on Zambia’s mining sector in Japan by inviting a wider Japanese audience with the hope of holding it within a year as a step to deepen the bilateral cooperation.

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