By Blessings Chibuye

Transport and Logistics Minister FRANK TAYALI has urged Zambia Railways Limited Board Chairperson EMMANUEL HACHIPUKA to ensure the rail network expands to all provinces.

Mr. TAYALI says this is because the rail network offers reduced cost of transportation which can help the country develop economically.

The minister was speaking when Mr. HACHIPUKA and his team paid a courtesy call on him in Lusaka today.

He also emphasized the need to rearrange the current acting team at Zambia Railways as well as fill up vacancies to ensure the railway company runs efficiently and effectively.

And Mr. HACHIPUKA said he will ensure the rail network restores its capability so that 30 percent of bulk cargo completely moves from road to rail

Mr. HACHIPUKA said his team will also make sure that it looks at critical options to adopt and help balance the cash flow in the railway network.

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