The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry -ZACCI- says the extension of trading hours from 18 to 21 hours at Lusaka City Market will positively impact the economy.

ZACCI President CHABUKA KAWESHA says the extension of operating hours will see increased employment opportunities and consumer spending.

Dr. KAWESHA however says that the extension should go beyond 21 hours and should be extended to retail shops and market places across the country.

He says this will contribute to national development and economic recovery.

Dr. KAWESHA told ZNBC News in Lusaka that extending operating hours will spur economic growth and will help the country continue generating wealth.

And Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU said the Government is aware of some of the safety concerns that may arise due to the increase in working hours at the markets.

Mr. HAAMAUNDU said his ministry will engage the Ministry of Home Affairs to find ways on how they can help keep the place secure and protect the traders who may resort to working late hours.

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