In life it is your difference that sets you apart and makes you Stand Out! When I think of the late President Nelson Mandela he stood out because when he came out of prison after 27 years, not only did he not seek revenge against the white South Africans, through the terrible apartheid system that oppressed the black South Africans, but he is the only African President who only wanted to serve his nation for 1 term! Nelson Mandela’s Global Impact and Influence is felt even in is his death!

Mother Theresa was a Catholic nun, a woman of little stature who made a tremendous impact in the lives of the less privileged and less fortunate people of India and around the world. She spent her entire life feeding the poor, rescuing the homeless, rehabilitating lepers, educating orphans. Her charity organization is in over 130 nations! Mother Theresa’s compassion for the poor made her stand out.

President Paul Kagame stands out not only because of his height! But his Visionary exemplary leadership, diligence, hard work and standard of excellence has literally transformed the nation of Rwanda from a nation that suffered a horrific genocide in 1994 to today being a nation that is respected and admired around the world because of its order and organization, strong economy and highest number of women in Parliament. In 2008 the Capital City Kigali was voted the cleanest city in Africa by the UN Habitat! President Kagame’s Visionary Leadership makes him stand out.

Former President Barack Obama was America’s first African American President. During his campaign his simple but famous campaign slogan “Yes we can” won the hearts of Americans and won the elections by a landslide victory! Obama was eloquent and articulate in speech, brilliant, and knowledgeable. Despite tremendous opposition during his Presidency, he ruled for 2 terms! I must add there were no scandals during his term of Presidency!

Rev. Billy Graham was a very simple and humble preacher of The Gospel. He was NOT into all kinds semantics or theatrics while preaching ! but in his meetings thousands came to salvation from his simple messages!! By his death he had led 215 million souls to Christ! His simplicity made him stand out.

Folurunsho Alajkija, Nigerias first woman billionaire came from a middle class home and started off her career as a secretary! But her hard work, determination, perseverance and creativity eventually paid off! She invested in fashion, real estate, oil and many other ventures. She believed in herself, fought many battles, never gave up and today is one of the wealthiest women in the world!The way she believed in herself even when she was just a secretary made her stand out!

I appeal to you dear friends in 2022, embrace who you are, never try to be like anyone else! Instead make your unique contribution to the world, because It is your difference that sets you apart and makes you stand out!

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