YALI To Petition Parliament Over Bill No 10,Homosexuality

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By Mwila Nsofu-The Young African Leaders Initiative -YALI – in partnership with church groups have written to Police for a public procession next Tuesday with a petition to be presented to Parliament.

YALI Administrative Assistance, Natasha Kapoma says the Unity Assembly will be on the enactment of the Constitution Amendment Bill number ten of 2019 and against Homosexuality.

In a letter to LUSAKA Province Police Commissioner  Nelson Phiri  and made available to ZNBC, Ms Kapoma said the Assembly is proposed for Tuesday 10th December 2019.

She said Assembly will be held outside Parliament Grounds from 10:30hrs to 12:30hrs.

Ms Kapoma said the speakers will include the organization’s leaders, Church and other civil society leaders.

She said that a petition will also be handed over to the National Assembly for possible debate with the Constitution Amendment Bill.


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