THE Kabushi Local Court has heard a chilling testimony in which a woman claimed that she was attacked spiritually by unknown powers which entered her through her head and settled on her privates, preventing her husband from penetrating when having sex.

This is in a matter where Deborah Chipili 39, sued her husband Joshua Katuta, for divorce stating that she wanted to set him free as the two were unble to have sex.

In her testimony, Chipili narrated that she was a happily married woman until she became unwell.

She said in 2011, she got sick which affected her and could not sleep.

Chipili said her illness continued and has now decided to end her marriage.

“My illness continued therefore I saw it fit to end the marriage and take back the dowry to my husband to set him free,” she said.

She explained that whenever she was away from her matrimonial house, she never experienced strange things.

“When I was away from my house I was not getting sick, everything was fine and I thought maybe it is the house which is causing all this,”she said.

And in his testimony, Katuta said he loved his wife, however, he does not penetrate during sexual intercourse.

Katuta narrated that all was well when the two got married until his wife started to experience stomach pains.

He said in 2020, his wife Chipili started having strange episodes, a situation which got worse because of the spiritual attacks.

“She told me that spiritual things entered her through her head and settled on her private parts which are practically covering her private parts and I cannot penetrate,” he said .

He despite the decision by Chipili to divorce him, he is ready to support her financially.

In passing judgment, presiding senior magistrate John Kabwe, sitting with senior Magistrate Emelda Masuwa, dissolved the marriage as dowry had already been returned.

The court further ordered Katuta to take care of the children’s basic needs.

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