Where did 2021 AfCON win funds go? FAZ GS takes a swipe at former administration

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Mathews Ndandula | April 8, 2021

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THERE are no financial records at Football House on how the Africa Cup of Nations 2012 winnings were spent, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) general secretary Adrian Kashala has said.

The football administrator has questioned the motive behind continued attacks on the current administration and has urged critics to appreciate the transparency and accountability now being shown.

In an interview, Kashala said the FA has no records of accounts that shows where or how the money that the Chipolopolo boys won in the 2012 AfCON was used and wondered why that issue has never been addressed.

He added that some selected individuals have been calling for the pictures of AfCON winners to be mounted back on the walls of Football House instead of focusing on how best the sport can be improved.

That is childish for someone to question the removal of pictures on the walls of Football House. In fact, if you check even pictures of the Under 20 are not there. We are making some renovations and as we put everything in order, you can see that no pictures are currently on the walls,” he said.

“I think it is quite petty for someone to start talking about the removal of pictures.

He said genuine football enthusiasts should centre their discussions around football development and support the various grassroots programmes aimed at raising Zambian’s football profile on the continent.

The question should be; what has the country benefitted from the AfCON we won in 2012 how was the money used, because here we dont have records in our books that shows how it was spent,” he said.

“Which improvements did it bring to the development of football? When you look at the current FAZ administration a lot has changed. Clubs are getting more money as compared to before, we now have women’s football league, we have gone into grassroots football – which will help us identify young talent. We have our own brand in Kopa.”

The FAZ boss adds that the current administration if focused on the future and would not be detracted by persons, regardless of their status in society, who opted to continually attack the Andrew Kamanga-led administration.

Kashala notes that patriotism is what is currently needed, instead of issuing hate speech aimed at destabilising the game of football.

“As much as the team has failed to qualify to the Africa Cup of Nations, people should support the team ahead of World Cup qualifiers, as it does not belong to me, Kamanga or the current FAZ administration but is the national team,” he said.

When people are calling for the former president of FAZ, yes he did his part. 14 years at FAZ – he has done his part. By the way he was good as a player but as an administrator tell us what structures were left?”

“Bembas say ‘ubulimi bwakale tabutalalika mwana’ [Old farming skills do not quieten the crying of the child].”

(CREDIT: The Zambia Sun)