By Simon Mwewa Lane

I walked in and was warmly greeted by my dear friend Fisho Mwale.

He directed me to where, the widow, Mrs. Tandiwe Banda was sitting. She was on the floor seated with her family and friends. I knelt down directly in front of her and offered my sincere condolences on behalf of my entire family…she looked at me and nodded softly as if to say “Thank you”

As I got up to leave I saw something that simply would NOT have existed during the reign of the N.P.F [ Notorious Patriotic Front ]

UPND Choir members standing next to P.F Choir members. WOW. There were no Cadres. There was no threat of violence or intimidation. Everything was well organised. The army and police were in full control. I loved it.

Had PF been in power…there is no way Ba Davis Mwila, Bowman Lusambo and Kalimanshi would have allowed UPND Choir to sing at such a state function.

Yo kwena Ba PF you were LAWLESS GANGSTERS. and I’m so glad you’ll never come back. We aren’t interested in going back to such unbridled chaos.


By editor

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