By Walusungu Lundu

AS he continues getting slammed for seeking public office, Nevers Mumba, a man who became the people’s favourite for his service on the pulpit explains that his calling is to serve both God and Zambia.

He regrets that Zambia is now a nation that “claps for the loudest jokers and ignores the smartest moments of contribution”.

The MMD president says he continues seeking public office despite challenges because he believes Zambia needs more role models in the realities of life such as how one can fail and yet pick up the pieces, “again and again.”

Mumba stresses that he has never been called to an easy life adding that his life was all about the love of God and that of the country.

In an article on his Facebook page, Mumba said Zambia had become a nation that clapped for the loudest jokers.

“This is what it all comes down to by the end of the day. It’s all about my love for God, and my love for the country, nothing else matters. People always ask me why I continue to run for public office amidst hardships, betrayals, challenges and in spite of what they deem an easier life in ministry.

Well first of all, I believe that I have never been called to an easy life, and mine is a calling to serve both God and country. The very path that God has taken me through since the day I was born until today is nothing short of a long series of miracles,” he said.

“Secondly, I do this because I think, as a nation, we need more role models in the realities of life, such as how one can fail and yet pick up the pieces, again and again. Ours is a society that is fast becoming one that fights for nothing, believes in nothing and stands for just about anything that’s easy and convenient.

We are a nation that laughs at our own moments of failure instead of learning from them. We are a nation that claps for the loudest jokers and ignores the smartest moments of contribution. We are a nation that despises the few who willingly pay the price to safeguard the rights and privileges of the many.

We only have itching ears for jokes, gossip, and carelessly applied idiomatic expressions aimed at, at best, embarrassing our elderly and less vulgar citizens whom we know cannot retaliate at that low level.”

He apologised to those who did not have a role for him to play in their leadership concept.

“I am sorry to those who don’t have a role for me to play in their concept of leadership, and have only a boxed concept of Nevers Mumba who must only play one role, of Televangelist on ZNBC in their minds,” Mumba said.

“Nonetheless, for those that believe that I still need to raise my voice in remonstrance to this new wave of compromise that seems to be taking root and growing amongst us, you will continue to hear from me week in and week out.”

Meanwhile, Mumba said “those that wage war against us continue to concoct every known weapon and device against us.”

He urged such people to try and smear his name with lies and dangerous propaganda to tarnish his names.

Mumba further indicated that such people can raise one Judas after another in betrayal of “our trust and confidence and let them offer up pieces of silver and money to a few of ungrounded young people to rise against us in open rebellion”.

“By the end of the day, may it always be remembered that there was a generation of Zambians who loved their country, and their God, more than themselves. As a mere man, I will defend the dignity, the honour, the morality and the integrity of this nation at whatever cost, so help me God,” said Mumba.

“This I will do, knowing fully well that from that blood, sweat and sacrifice, God will raise up an army of Zambians that will also stand in defence of our dignity and honour regardless of the situation. For God so loved the world that he gave…What have you given for mother Zambia?”

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