FAZ executive committee member Brenda Kunda says the women’s national team is determined to qualify to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics come Tuesday. 

Kunda, who was delegation leader for the Copper Queens in the away game against the Lionesses of Cameroon, says the national team has made a lot of progress to reach this stage. 

“We are very grateful as a team for us to reach this stage. We have realised that it has taken a lot of preparation, a lot of strategies and a lot of planning because the president (Andrew Kamanga) and the Exco are lovers of football and we believe football should balance either for men and women,” said Kunda. “We are alive, even the women need to be given an opportunity to showcase their talents and you can see now we have come a long way and you must have realised that this team is last standing with Cameroon… And it actually tells you a story how we are focused that we want to get to Tokyo 2020 and the girls are very determined for the future ahead of them and we believe we are going to upset the tables.”

And FAZ vice-president Rix Mweemba was grateful to the support from pastor Peter Makembo. 

“We are very grateful to the support of pastor Peter Makembo. He has his supporters here at 02:00 hours, those are the real supporters that stand with the team. It was not an easy game, the girls put up a spirited fight and we can assure you that we are still geared and we can see a foreseeable victory in this coming game (tomorrow),” said Mweemba.

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