I find it tragically amusing that in this country we never seem to learn from past mistakes.

Supporting the UPND does not mean one stops thinking! I am a friend and supporter of the UPND. However, when I see mistakes I must help my friends to correct those mistakes.

I fully support Zambia getting on an IMF program to dismantle the unsustainable debt. However, I am totally against the recent increase in the MPR, fuel price increase and the coming electricity tariff increase.

If we are to sacrifice then everyone must sacrifice. You cannot on one hand give the mines a tax break and the other hand increase the costs of doing business and living for the majority of Zambians and tell us we should be patient.

How come the mines could not wait one more year for the MRT to be reformed? It is very unfair. We have completely the Zambian SMEs who now faced increased costs of borrowing and production! On top of that many are owed billions by the Govt!

Very early on in the term of office of this Govt I provided a submission to HE the President with recommendations on the way forward and the need for a robust communication strategy.

I am hoping News Diggers will publish this submission this week as a feature article. If not I will publish it on this platform. This will enable those of you bootlickers who like to say give us solutions not just criticism.

By the way Govt has confirmed what I stated in 2018 that Zambia had Chinese Debt of over USD5 billion! We cannot afford to cteate another monster in this country like we did with PF.

A good friend admonishes a friend to his face and not stab him in the back like an enemy.

God bless Zambia.

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