As FM Travellers, we value the Safety of our Passengers hence one of a few Long Distance Bus Operator that have not recorded any fatal road accident from the time we started operating.P

During RTSA’s last inspection in 2020, FM Travellers scored 80 percent and were number 2 in Zambia. This does not only demonstrate our commitment to safety but that we are one of the Safest Operators in Zambia.

While we do understand that the prime objective of the agency is to protect passengers and other road users, we however, find RTSA statement issued on 10th March,2022 as alarming.

RTSA did not at any point engage us to verify which buses had faulty Global Position System (GPS). We hoped the agency should have called and verified whether indeed the buses
mentioned were on the road or not.

We believe verification should have been done before issuing any statement which we feel has negatively impacted our business.

Of the five buses mentioned, three have engine problems and are in the garage while the other two had some faulty gadgets which have been refreshed and working properly. Some of the
Vehicles registration number plates mentioned are for buses that do not actually belong to FM Travellers.

We value the safety of our customers and we support the work that RTSA is doing to keep our roads safe and ensure the safety of passengers. We shall continue to be guided by our Fleet Safety Management Policy and Fleet Safety tools available. We shall engage the agency and verify with them.

We would like, however, to assure our Customers that they have nothing to worry about because our track record and reputation speaks for itself.

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