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Livingstone Mayor, CONSTANCE MULEABAI has urged saving groups under the Village Banking Scheme to apply for the Constituency Development Fund -CDF- in order to expand their financial base through other projects.

Ms. MULEABAI says saving groups that have been together for some years stand a good chance to develop and manage community based projects through CDF empowerment because they have built trust among members.

The Livingstone Mayor was speaking when she attended the 10th Anniversary for a Village Banking Group TAONGA in Libuyu Township.

Speaking at the same event, Area Councilor ISAAC LICHAHA encouraged the group to remain focused and share their ideas with other groups in order to uplift the community.

And group Secretary LORRINE NYONI said the group has had a number of challenges but remained focused because of the benefits they have seen from savings.

She cited the Covid-19 era as the worst years for the group as many members lost their sources of income and saving became a challenge.

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