Tebza De DJ DJ Nomza The King Deliver Amapiano Remix ‘Ka Valungu‘ in Honor of Peta Teanet‘s ‘African Vibe PT 2

Tebza De DJ and DJ Nomza The King present their sensational remix, “Ka Valungu.” This vibrant track, skillfully produced by Tebogo NgobeniNorman Sevha Mthombeni, and Peta Teane, pays tribute to the late Peta Teanet’s iconic song, “African Vibe PT 2.”

With “Ka Valungu,” listeners can expect an invigorating blend of Amapiano melodies and rhythms that pay homage to the legacy of “African Vibe PT 2.”

This remix encapsulates the joy of dance and unity, inviting music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a sonic journey that bridges generations.


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