The Department of Veterinary Services has slaughtered and burnt about 600 pigs worth over 2 million Kwacha  at a farm in Chaminuka in Kasenga ward in Chongwe district where African Swine Fever disease broke out last week.

Director of Veterinary Services GEOFFREY MUUKA says the depopulation of the pigs is part of the robust measures the department has put in place to isolate the disease at the farm and avoid it from spreading to other areas.

In an interview with NAIS in Chaminuka, Dr. MUUKA said his team is carrying out disease surveillance, registering pig farmers, and has set up veterinary checkpoints in the surrounding areas as other measures to contain the outbreak of the African swine Fever  disease.

Dr MUUKA has maintained that the ban on the movement of pigs and livestock products in and out of Chaminuka and surrounding areas still stands.

He has disclosed that Lusaka province has over 500,000  pigs and has appealed for cooperation from all stakeholders to protect the wealth of the industry.

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