Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

I know many may not see this but it is there.

If the summoning of Mr Sean Tembo is in line with the press briefing they held yesterday then we do have a serious problem.

We should never behave like PF to show PF that they were wrong. This is the mistake that the PF made, they focused on fixing the UPND and Mr Hichilema. In the end they built the UPND and Mr Hichilema. Today Mr Hichilema is the president of Zambia and the UPND is the ruling government.

Harassment of political opponents benefits more the harassed than anyone else. This is the mistake the PF made that should never be repeated by anyone especially that experienced it. We are less than 6 months of UPND in power, how many people have been summoned by the police on flimsy charges?

I said this under the PF and I will say it again today. Getting political power is like climbing a mango tree, it doesn’t matter how sweet the mangoes are, we all come all down eventually. The police and those with government power should be mindful that nothing lasts forever, the grace and the support that is evident today may not be there tomorrow. The PF were once a celebrated party. But their behavior and acts changed that love to hate and loss of support. It is difficult for me to stay quiet when I see the same things I publicly challenged being perpetrated by the new government.

The PF and their police officers arrested me for holding a workshop in Livingstone. They arrested pastors and civil society organizations in Ndola in church because they had power to do so. I spent most of the last 7 years going to police stations and courts because the police decided they could implement the law on political lines.

President Hakainde Hichilema is my comrade, we both endured the bitterness of a regime whose interest was to deal with people not with the issues. It hurts me deeply to see the summoning of another political party figure being summoned by the police for doing what is acceptable in a democracy. The 12th August victory should be a lasting victory of our democracy.

A democracy where those in the opposition don’t have to become martyrs for them to be seen or heard. The behavior by the police is damaging to president Hichilema more than to Mr Sean Tembo. The world will now hear of Mr Sean Tembo being questioned for holding a press briefing in a democratic country. Registered political parties in a multiparty democracy being questioned for holding a press briefing? Sad.

Anyway, I am just an artist without shoes and an ugly looking beard who wishes for the best for his country. I welcome all the insults from those that find discomfort with my views, I survived them and I have accepted them. Bring them on.

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