Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The opposition UPND has petitioned Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja over the continued alleged incidences of violence against its members by suspected PF cadres.

Presenting the petition at Police Headquarters in Lusaka this morning, UPND Chairman for Elections Garry Nkombo cited an incidence that happened on Monday this week where suspected pf cadres allegedly attacked and injured some UPND women in Kitwe’s Riverside area as one of the cases.

Mr. Nkombo says the party has on several occasions tolerated this but will not allow such acts of violence and threats against its members ahead of this year`s general elections.

He further disclosed that in the petition, the party has cited the 70 voter’s cards that were alleged to be collected by an agent of PF Aspiring candidate Dora Siliya in Petauke as well as the Chawama candidate who is suspected to have been sent to buy votes.

And Mr. Nkombo is hopeful that police will act on the many cases that have been cited in the petition.

Meanwhile, the opposition UPND has charged that the release of K200 million to settle arrears in respect of salaries and settling allowances for various classes of public service workers by government is a deception tactic aimed at silencing legitimate calls requiring government to honor its obligations to doctors.

The UPND through its Presidential Spokesperson, Anthony Bwalya has since demanded that government discloses the full scale of public sector arrears owed to workers so that the public can measure the extent of the k200 million commitment announced by the state.

Mr. Bwalya tells phoenix news that the UPND is especially concerned, that security personnel including the police and other service personnel, teachers, doctors and nurses continue to endure such unprecedented economic punishment owing to the alleged failure by the government to pay them what is due to them.

Government yesterday announced that it has released K200 million for clearing of arrears owed to Public Service Workers across all sectors following negotiations with public sector unions where it was agreed that government will dismantle the accumulated arrears over the next 6 months.


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