Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Quite honestly the full pointers of the UPND failures to deliver or delivery will only be clear at the end of it’s full budget cycle.

What we see now are just indicators of the potential performance of the UPND.
However to successfully deliver on it’s promises the UPND must strive to listen to constructive criticism and act on counsels that will help build it’s vision.

I predict that the CDF will create serious challenges for the UPND among the youth and other citizens during and after it’s implementation.

The UPND must ensure that CDF as much as it has been politicized in the past is not further politicized. The original intentions of CDF must not be diluted so much by turning it into a full fledged empowerment slash fund.


For as long as the PF takes it’s rebranding efforts seriously yes chance of returning power will get better, though you can not say with certainty that will occur in 2026. Some names in yesterday’s appointments are actually a total miss and one wonders if the PF uses it’s intelligence units on the ground.

How does the PF pick Japheth Mwakalombe for Vice chairman for Lusaka province? The planning committee General conference planning committee composition needed to be have a blend of age, as well as varying characteristics, how will ba Sumaili add value to such a committee. Ba Sylvia Chalikosa in planning committee really!!!!

Lusaka province women’s league Annie Chinyanta, Maria Langa are great mobilizers on the ground. Mayor Chilando needs to work on her overall people to people interpersonal relationships but I believe she can do the job.

Lusaka province youth wing Chairman Kelvin Kaunda has definitely been growing politically but the question is will he be able to unite and command the youth wing? I wish him the best .

Francis Chipili
Business and political Analyst

By editor

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