Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Noel Iyombwa

UNEMPLOYED Doctors chairperson Wallace Ndumba has refuted media reports that they have demanded to be employed, failure to which all their employed colleagues will not report for work.

Dr Ndumba said the statement was not true, adding that none of the unemployed doctors issued such a statement.
He said the statement was alarming warned of possible prosecution of whoever was behind the falsehood.

“As doctors we shall not allow anyone propagating hatred against doctors. According to the advert it is clear that not all doctors are going to be employed,’’ said Dr Ndumba.

“For your information, after negotiation the number of doctors to be employed increased from 450 to 510. For us it makes a difference. What we are doing is advising our members to do the needful and apply. We are following the process and we shall continue engaging with government so that those will not be employed can be employed as soon as possible.’’

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