Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba
President, MMD

August 3rd 2022

What was damaged in the last regime was not only the economy but the name of Zambia. To restore the economy, we need to first restore the image of Zambia. The cost of living and prices of essential commodities will remain high for a while until the image of Zambia in the eyes of the global community is restored.

Creating order, determined fight against corruption, a working judicial system, conducive economic policies and a working democratic environment amongst many other efforts are the levers needed to clean up the image of our country.
Once the global community begins to discuss Zambia and the positive efforts we are making, then the world’s attention shall be turned towards us. This will mark the turn around for our country.

The main focus of any leader, in our case President Hichilema is to restore the name and image of Zambia. This is more significant than anything else, including the resuscitation of the economy. The Bible sums it up better…” A good name is better than silver and gold..”

Our support for President Hichilema and his government remains an open secret because he has gone out of his way to fight for the restoration of our name across the globe. This is the first thing we could have done had the Zambian people given us their vote to lead. It therefore goes without saying that our current efforts are aimed at ensuring that President Hichilema succeeds in this noble cause.

Zambia’s name has started to resonate across the globe. It is this exercise which shall attract investment, tourism and respect. A nation without a “name” is a poor nation.

We shall sell our name to everyone. Capitalists and Socialists, Christians and non-Christians, great nations and not so great nations. We shall do all this with a view to promote our national interest.

President Hichilema is on point in this regard considering the shattered international image we acquired from the last regime. This is why we have partnered with the UPND government to help in cleaning up the image of our country.

Let us sell our country’s name by excelling in international sports, art, church missions, international trade fairs and other outreaches. The President’s recent address of the European Union Parliament was a major milestone in re introducing Zambia to the world.

Let us also ensure, for a change, that we send only qualified and capable diplomats around the world.

We must find a permanent seat on the global round table. A good name will bring all the other instruments we need to rebuild our economy.

Seek ye first a good name and all these other things shall be added unto you.

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