Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The opposition Leadership Movement (LM) want the government to thoroughly clean the Elections House cleaned up beyond Patrick Nshindano and build a more independent election body that will deliver credible and clean 2026 elections.

Party spokes person Tatila Tatila told journalists in a statement that some election commissioners were more of a danger to the national peace.

He regretted that there was a lot of lawlessness at the Commission where some officers treated the commission as their personal to hold institution and did not want to listen to stakeholders.

Tatila justified his claim by the manner come individuals at Commission, including not only Patricia Luhanga CooperateAffairs Manager, Emma Mwiinga Voter Education Manager but also all the Commissioner conducted themselves in what he termed unprofessional manner.

He said what happened prior to the just ended election which ushered the opposition UPND into power is a lesson not to be repeated because it almost endangered the peace the people of Zambia enjoyed.

He said the Leadership Movement wants to see an Independent commission which will oversee the 2026 presidential and general elections.

Further, urge ECZ to hold elections for Kabushi, Kwacha seats alongside Luangwa Council announced for 15th September, 2022 so as to save Government resources.

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