Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

UPND National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso says political cadreism must end not only in markets but also in State institutions.

Mr Liswaniso, who is touring Western Province Districts, said this when he paid a courtesy call on the police command at Sesheke Police Station, Monday.

He said there should be an immediate end of mistrust between police officers and UPND youths, as was the case when the party was in the opposition.

” We agreed that there should be no mistrust between our youths and police officers. You know where we are coming from there was a lot of mistrust between our youths and Zambia. But we want all that to end,” Mr Liswaniso told journalists after a closed-door meeting with the police command.

“We also emphasised the issue of ending cadreism in markets.

But most importantly is the issue of ending political cadreism in institutions of the government. There should be no cadres for any party working for these institutions. But that’s not to say anyone should go out and start to harass civil servants. No! We shall not tolerate anyone who go out and start harassing civil servants in anyway.”

Later, Mr Liswaniso went to address a gathering of UPND supporters at Sesheke Secondary School, who he encouraged to remain supportive to the party.

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