Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Yesterday, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Arts Hon. Elvis Nkandu in the company of his Permanent Secretary Mr. Kangwa Chileshe graced and launched the Zambia Oscars Committee.

During the launch of the profound landmark in the development of the Zambia film industry, in Lusaka.

Among other fundamental issues, The Minister stated that the film industry has the potential to effectively contribute to the growth of the economy if properly harnessed.

Mr. Nkandu added that the film industry can help to create jobs and wealth among young people in the country.

He narrated that this can only be realized if the business industry such as financial institutions and other stakeholders invest in the film industry as is the case in countries where the sector is thriving.

The Minister emphasized the need for us as a country to intensify collaborations beyond borders to tell African stories through the industry.

He further stated the New Dawn government’s commitment through our Ministry to provide legislation that will guide and harmonize the film industry and subsequently give full support to the local film industry.

Mr. Nkandu said the New Dawn Government, as announced not too long ago, was carrying out consultative meetings with various stakeholders on the film policy that will spar the development of the industry as well as contribute to job and wealth creation.

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