Vice President Mutale Nalumango writes;

How can it be favour when it involves me but becomes corruption when it’s another person involved? You cannot uphold Christian values with corrupt minds.

Today I held a meeting with the Department of National Guidance and Religious Affairs which was recently realigned to the Office of the Vice President to accord it the importance it deserves. In this meeting, I laboured to explain the UPND policy regarding to how Christian values must be understood going forward.

I was categorical to make it clear that let there be no Christians for Nalumango or HH as it was in the recent past where certain individuals carried the tag of a named ‘Christian’ grouping. God cannot be mocked with a bible in your right hand and a brown envelope on the other hand.

Under the New Dawn Administration, the Church shall neither be politicized nor take part in active politics. It shall instead be respected as a guiding chamber of principals and values whose members (clergy) shall be free to correct any erring political figure as a loving father does to his children. This is to be done regardless of one’s political affiliation and worldly ranking in society.

I am passionate about my God and his people and I expect the same to reflect on those serving under my office through National Guidance and Religious Affairs Department.

W.K Mutale-Nalumango
Vice President of the Republic of Zambia.

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