Zambian Afrobeats singer Terry The Vocalist releases a new single “Lumanda” She is well-known for her unique style and soulful voice, which have earned her a dedicated fanbase excited about her new music.

I (Surb Ratio) have been listing to this song “Lumanda” the moment it dropped, and listened again… and again… and again… now I’m prolly on my 206th  listen. Having listened 200 times (and counting), I can confidentially tell you guys that Terry wrote it specifically for me. Ask her on Social Media. If she denies it, that’s FAKE NEWS!!! NI BEANS in ECL’s Voice.

Overall, Lumanda represents a significant milestone in Terry’s career, a testament to her artistic growth and commitment to delivering high-quality music to her fans. It also showcases her versatility as an artist, both in her musical style.

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