By Honester Mshoka

Education Minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA has issued a stern warning to all Provincial Education Officers and District Education Board Secretaries against engaging in malpractice in the teacher recruitment exercise.

Speaking when he held a meeting with the Barotse Royal Establishment -BRE- in Western Province, Mr. SYAKALIMA also said he will engage his counterpart at Ministry of Finance to see the availability of funds to construct the King Lewanika University.

He said it is government’s envisaged programme to ensure that each province has a University but construction of the infrastructure depends on availability of resources

Meanwhile, BRE Ngambela, MUKELA MANYANDO said the BRE has followed with keen interest the positive strides government has taken in the education sector which are yielding satisfactory results.

Ngambela MANYANDO has urged the government to continue on its positive trajectory of delivering free education to all parts of the country.

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