By Mary Kachepa

African Swine Fever has broken out in Chaminuka area of Chongwe District in Lusaka Province.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister MAKOZO CHIKOTE says the disease was confirmed on Saturday September 16, at the Central Veterinary Research Institute.

Mr. CHIKOTE says his Ministry has since banned the movement of pigs and pig products into and out of the Chaminuka area of Chongwe District.

He says the outbreak has been recorded at one facility which had an initial pig population of 596 between September 12 and 16 out of which 13 have died.

Mr. CHIKOTE says the 583 pigs will be slaughtered and burned at the affected facility under the supervision of Veterinary Officers.

He has told Journalists at a Media Briefing in Lusaka, today that there is registration of all pig farms around Chaminuka area to ascertain their compliance to implementing bio-security measures.

Speaking at the Same Event Veterinary Services Director GEOFFREY MUUKA said Swine fever can not be transmitted to people.

Dr. MUUKA further said the affected facility and area is closed and under quarantine.

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