A 29-year-old suspect has been hospitalized after he was shot at by a police officer when he tried to escape from lawful custody.

ABEL CHUNGU who is charged with Aggravated Robbery together with another suspect LAMOSE CHESWE, 28 ,also charged with Aggravated Robbery tried to escape at the Ndola subordinate court.

Copperbelt Province police Commanding officer PEACEWELL MWEEMBA told ZNBC News in a telephone interview, that CHESWE  immediately stopped when the police officer fired warning shots, but CHUNGU continued to run.

Mr. MWEEMBA says CHUNGU was shot and sustained a bullet wound on the stomach and was rushed to Ndola Teaching Hospital -NTH- where his condition is said to be unstable.

He said the incident happened yesterday at around 12:00 hours at the Ndola Magistrate’s  Court.

Mr. MWEEMBA said the two suspects who tried to escape are jointly charged with Aggravated Robbery for a case which occurred along Kabwe road in which they stole a mini bus which was in transit.

He said the two accused person’s had appeared at magistrate court for mention and were later committed to High court for further proceedings.

Mr. MWEEMBA said around 11:50 hours  the two accused person’s were being escorted to the court cells by Inspector Kashimoto together with other suspects and on the way they escaped by scampering in different directions.

He said this prompted Inspector Kashimoto to fire two warning shots, which led to Cheswe, one of the suspects, to stop running and he was apprehended.

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