Survivors: Take Covid-19 Seriously

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Two health workers, a doctor and a medical licentiate, who are among frontline workers that have survived the Covid-19 after being infected on duty, have called on Zambians to take the disease seriously.

Dr Kabeta Sinzala, a Sub-district Public Health Specialist, was among the medical personnel who tested positive after a covid-19 patient from Bauleni was admitted to Chilenje Level One hospital, recently.

Dr Sinzala says health workers are working hard to ensure they fight the virus adding that members of the public must reciprocate by following guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

And Constance Nkandu, a Medical Licentiate Practitioner has told ZNBC’s Penlope Sikazwe that one of the challenges she faced after being diagnosed, is stigma from society.

She said it was difficult to deal with the stigma as it also extended to her relatives.

Penlope Sikazwe managed to meet with the duo from Chilenje level one hospital to get their experiences.

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