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…it’s embarrassing, doesn’t get you rich – Nzamane

By Christopher Miti

SENIOR Chief Nzamane of the Ngoni people in Chipata and Kasenengwa districts says there is no shortcut to becoming successful in life other than hard work.

In an interview at his palace after he met some subjects from Masala Zulu village following a discovery of an alleged snake-like charm at the village, Nzamane said witchcraft does not help in any way but promotes divisions in families.

“I have heard of people who go to Malawi and Mozambique for sandabana (charms that bring good fortunes). Sometimes we see on social media that there is Dr so and so they give charms that can make people rich,” he said. “Such things do not work. They just play with your mind. The only thing that people can do is to work hard without adding anything. If you want to add something to your hard work, then add fertiliser.”

Nzamane said the discovery of the charm at Masala Zulu village did not give a good picture.

“What I have heard is that this thing was somehow breathing when it was found. It has a snake-like head then it has hair. I don’t know where the hair came from! Most of the time, we do such things in villages due to lack of exposure,” he explained. “We have a wrong notion that the only life we can lead is that of engaging in such things. Such things bring problems in families. They bring unnecessary divisions. let’s stop it.”

Nzamane urged young people to find better ways of amassing wealth.
“I hear of a lot of young men that have gone to Mozambique or Malawi but when you look at them they have nothing. Sometimes when they find little money, they decide to build shops by the roadside.

There is nothing much that I can say over this matter but we are still investigating so that we get to the bottom of this issue,” he said. “We want to find out where these same charms come from? I don’t see any benefit in engaging in witchcraft.”

Nzamane said ever since he ascended to the throne in 1998, he had been talking about similar matters and advising the people to desist from engaging in witchcraft.

“I am confused with these things. In the past some of the charms that were being caught and brought here were something else. Give me time, I want this issue to be thoroughly investigated so that it comes to a conclusive end,” said Nzamane. “This issue is embarrassing because it is as if we don’t enlighten the people and at the same time, the people do not listen. And they think that I just want to prevent them from getting rich.”

Mfumbeni Development Association chairperson Richard Soko said there was confusion at Masala Zulu village after discovery of the charm.

Soko said he rushed to the area with a police reserve to restore peace and order.

He said people wanted to burn the charm but were advised that no one should tamper with it before it is taken to Nzamane.

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