Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

By Ben Mbangu in Sinazongwe

WOMEN in Sinazongwe district have called for an end to the practice of administering love portions.

The women who composed a song to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day titled Yakaba mboma mung’anda meaning men have become pythons in homes, discouraged other women from using juju.

They added that juju promotes poverty in families as men always spend valuable time at home instead of looking for food.

“As we commemorate this year’s Women’s Day, we are calling on women countrywide to free their men from hostage. Allow your husbands to move about if you want development in your homes. Stop using juju to make men love you more. As women it’s retrogressive,” Cleopatra Nchite said.

“Going by this year’s theme which says ‘Gender Equality for Sustainable Development’, men must not be caged because that brings poverty. As women we must now move away from feeling insecure to an extent of forgetting to develop ourselves.”

Nchite narrated the meaning of the song which was performed during the International Women’s Day event in Sinazongwe.

She explained that gender equality for sustainable development cannot be actualised if women continued holding their husband hostage through juju.

“If we chain our men through juju then they will be just staying home and we will continue being the only ones running around to feed families. When you administer juju to a man he becomes useless. He is no longer productive and that’s how we have promoted poverty in our homes,”Nchite narrated.

She said this year’s Women’s Day theme provided an opportunity for women to focus on development and not matters of love.

“Women must now start working with their men to create wealth for themselves and their families. Juju does not bring development because men just stay home. Men just concentrate on staying in homes,” Nchite said.

She explained that the song also advises men to stop engaging themselves in polygamy.

“Polygamy makes women to start using juju to secure love. It does not bring development hence it should not be encouraged,” said Nchite. “Polygamous men fail to give equal love to their women and as a result others are forced to start looking for juju to boost their love. Men should be fair.”

Sinazongwe Secondary School head teacher Hilda Siabwanta said free education must be extended to adult women.

“We are appealing to government to come up with a deliberate policy to offer free education to women especially in rural areas wishing to go back to school,” said Siabwanta. “As government is giving empowerment programmes to the vulnerable, women in the civil service also must be considered because they are struggling too.”

Sinazongwe district commissioner Nchimunya Siakole observed that despite some progress made real change had been agonizingly slow for majority women and girls in the world.

“Women and girls continue to be undervalued. They work more and earn less and have fewer choices. They experience multiple forms of violence at home and public places,” noted Siakole. “As the new dawn government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema we are determined that women have access to resources and policy institutions.”

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