The Consumer Unit Trust Society -CUTS- international Zambia has observed that stakeholder engagement is key to achieve regional integration in the Southern Africa Development Community SADC- region.

CUTS Board Member SAJEEV NAIR says this is because through interactions with various interest groups such as Civil Society Organizations, State Actors and the media, the regional body will be able to come up with activities to help in the promotion of regional integration.

ZANIS reports that Mr. NAIR was speaking in Lusaka during a CSO and NSA engagement meeting, aimed at accelerating efforts for effective regional integration.

He explained that the engagement is part of the 17 months long project supported by SADC and funded by the European Union to enhance the capacity of various stakeholders in issues of regional integration.

And SADC Representative WAZHA OMPHILE pledged the organization’s continued support to initiatives aimed at enhancing stakeholder participation in issues of regional integration.

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