By Amb.Emmanuel Mwamba

The extent of official lies is shocking!

Minister of Health, Hon Sylvia Masebo has alleged that Southern Province was allocated only one health posts out of 650 that have been constructed by the Patriotic Front Government.

In this case Southern Province got 99 Health posts out of 650.
This was the highest for any province.

Below is the distribution of Health Posts per province.
Central -52
Eastern -68
Western -64
Southern- 99
Lusaka -32
Northern -69
Luapula -64
Muchinga -40
North-Western -64

Infact, Southern Province was allocated a lion’s share
For a example; Sinazongwe has about 9 health posts, Choma has about 5 health posts, Gwembe 7 health posts, Monze about 13 health posts and most of them in Monze can be seen along the Roadside.

District Hospitals

Southern Province was allocated over 5 District hospitals. Kazungula, Kalomo, Gwembe Namwala, Chikankata just to mention a few.

Similarly Southern Province benefited largely from the construction of 115 mini hospitals funded under the United Kingdom Export Finance to the tune of $300million.

We heard similar lies about secondary schools built across the country.

Clearly the intention of these lies is to exclude other regions from national development!

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