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United Kingdom Foreign Secretary, JAMES CLEVERLY, is happy with the Social Protection programmes being implemented in Zambia.

Mr. CLEVERLY says the impact of Social Protection programmes, such as the Social Cash Transfer Scheme is transforming the lives of the vulnerable in Zambia.

He was speaking when he toured and interacted with Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries at Ndola’s Kansengu market.

He said the UK government remains committed to fostering Social Protection partnerships that will change lives and help communities to increase their domestic food security.

And Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Permanent Secretary ANGELA KAWANDAMI, who accompanied the UK Foreign Secretary, appreciated the support being rendered to Zambia in the Social protection sector.

And a beneficiary, EMELDA MWABA said she is encouraged by Mr. CLEVERLY’s visit and called for continued support for the vulnerable as they strive to achieve self sustainability.

The UK government has between 2016 and 2023 provided up to 33.8 million Pounds to strengthen Zambia’s Social protection programmes.

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