Shimunza Urges Govt To Look At Covid-19 As A National Security Threat

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By Chileshe Mwango


The Opposition Movement for National Transformation –MNT- has advised government to look at the corona virus outbreak as a matter of national security which requires immediate solution.

MNT President Daniel Shimunza Tells Phoenix News that once that is done, it will result in the protection of lives of people charged with safeguarding the country’s economy adding that at the moment, productivity has gone down and the economy is worsening.

Dr. Shimunza observes that the outbreak of the corona virus has just worsened Zambia’s economic performance which he says has been limping from as far back as the 2011 hence the need for quick interventions that will save the country from plunging into more adversaries.

The World Bank has projected 2.5 percent economic growth for Zambia but that the country faces a highly uncertain economic and political outlook as its government struggles to meet large and opaque outstanding debt obligations which have also been negatively affected by the outbreak of the corona virus.



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