The Anti-Corruption Commission -ACC says extortion is emerging as one of the prominent forms of corruption in institutions of learning.

And the ACC has started investigations into corruption allegation in the irregular awarding of contract for the supply of diesel and cleaning of the TAZAMA pipeline to Agro-Fuels by the Ministry of Energy

Head of Corporate Affairs, TIMOTHY MOONO says extortion in learning institutions borders on sexual relationships among lecturers and students allegedly as a condition to obtain good grades in examinations.

Mr MOONO has warned the perpetrator to stop the vice or risk being arrested.

Speaking during the Quarterly briefing, Mr MOONO said allegations of corruption in procurement processes and abuse of authority of office are featuring prominently among the cases reported in the third quarter of 2023.

Mr. MOONO said in the last two years, the ACC has investigated an unprecedentedly higher number of corruption cases involving officials in the former government administration.

He said 82 arrests were made in the last year and 86 cases were before the courts of law.

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