By Michael Kaumba

Senior members from the opposition Socialist Party and Patriotic Front in NGABWE District have ditched the opposition parties to join the ruling UPND.

Those who have defected include NGABWE PF District Chairlady LIZ KASUSU, Socialist PARTY Chairlady DAINESS SHIKONWANI and MUFUMBWE ward Chairman Headman SHAMBWA.

The defectors were received by NANGOMA Member of Parliament COLLINS NZOVU when he addressed a meeting in MUKUBWE Ward in NGABWE District.

And Mr. NZOVU urged UPND members to welcome those defecting to the party from the opposition with open arms.

Mr. NZOVU said there is a need to grow the UPND numbers by attracting new members.

He said the defectors have experience where they are coming from which must be utilized.

And the defectors have cited the good leadership style of President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and the UPND as motivation to join the ruling party.

But the opposition Patriotic Front say the defections will not impact the party structures on the ground.

PF Member of the Central Committee THABISO MIZINGA said those that have defected were chased from the party a long time ago.

And PF Central Province Chairperson BILLY SICHAMBA said the former ruling party is still strong in NGABWE despite the defections.

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