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Southern African Network Against Corruption -SANAC- has called on government to consider establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to promote healing among citizens.

SANAC Executive Director GREGORY CHIFIRE says the Commission will ensure post conflict justice and healing by allowing victims to be heard and perpetrators to admit and apologize for their crimes.

Mr. CHIFIRE says the country is in need of healing which will come as a result of genuine forgiveness and reconciliation.

And Mr. CHIFIRE has condemned some opposition politicians for appearing in a Zimbabwe post election documentary speaking ill of Zambia.

He says the politicians lack patriotism and a sense of responsibility.

Mr. CHIFIRE adds that matters of national security are sensitive and should be handled carefully.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka Mr. CHIFIRE stated that issues dividing the nation such as political affiliations and tribalism should be addressed to avoid any further risks.

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