Rema has just unleashed his latest musical endeavor, the ‘RAVAGE‘ EP, featuring a concise yet impactful collection of five tracks. This young Nigerian sensation continues to prove his prowess in the music industry with each release.

With ‘RAVAGE,’ Rema takes us on a brief yet exhilarating journey through his artistic vision. The EP perfectly embodies his unique blend of afrobeats and contemporary sounds, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his genre.

The opening track, “Trouble Maker,” sets the stage for the EP, radiating energy and charisma. It’s a track that demands attention from the very first beat. Rema’s vocals are as infectious as ever, and the production is top-notch.

Moving on to “DND,” Rema’s lyricism shines. He effortlessly combines his humor and storytelling skills, creating a catchy and engaging narrative within the song.

All the songs on this EP, demonstrate the young star’s ability to craft memorable hooks and melodies. These tracks are sure to leave you humming long after you’ve finished listening.


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