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By Wilson Mulinda:

The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that all Services under the Office of the Registrar of Societies can now be accessed online, through the Government Service Bus -GSB- platform.

Home Affairs Public Relations Officer Nephas Chifuta says all societies can now be accessed online from all ten provinces of Zambia.

Mr. Chifuta has also informed registered Political Parties that due to COVID 19; the Registrar of Societies is unable to convene a sensitisation awareness meeting as per normal practice.

In a statement, Mr. Chifuta said the department has suggested sending a reminder to all Political Parties, to ensure the obligations in the Societies Act are complied with, especially as the country prepares for the General Election.

He said the notable provisions abrogated by most registered Societies include none or late submission of annual returns, delayed notification for change of office bearers among others.

Mr. Chifuta has also urged all registered Societies to refer to the list of salient requirements and the rules of the Societies Act as provided by law.






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