Zambians United for Sustainable Development has warned that government’s choice to recognize the illegitimate election of Miles Sampa as patriotic front president has the potential to create a constitutional crisis for Zambia.
Party President Lazarous Chisela says the presidency of Mr. Sampa will potentially see members of parliament boycotting with majority of the 34.7 percent parliamentarians against his election.
Mr. Chisela has warned that recognizing Mr. Sampa as president of the PF is a grave mistake by the UPND leadership and has cast a bad light on the judiciary and the police who have been allegedly used to enforce this illegality.
He has implored government to consider allowing both Zambia’s constitution and that of the PF, to take precedence as opposed to using state institutions to try and demobilize the opposition party.
Mr. Chisela has since implored his fellow opposition leaders to unite and reject the current alleged oppression of PF members to ensure Zambia’s democracy is protected.

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